OpenTafl is a free implementation of that old Norse board game, hnefatafl.

Download the stable version of OpenTafl (currently v0.4.7.2b) here. Other versions available here1.

The OpenTafl server at is currently running OpenTafl v0.4.7.0b, mostly compatible with client versions from v0.3.3.3b onward, and fully compatible with versions v0.4.6.3b onward2.

Please note that versions of OpenTafl prior to v0.4.4.3b suffer from a bug which causes undefined behavior when playing Copenhagen games. Before reporting strange behavior in such games, please attempt to reproduce it using v0.4.4.3b or later.

Please report bugs here.


Latest release notes (v0.4.7.2b, released 05/18/18)

  • Fix for variant editor ignoring threefold loss selection
  • Fix incorrect human-readable rules for weak kings
  • See README for details

There is an OpenTafl artificial intelligence tournament held in December of even-numbered years. Find more information on the 2018 running here.

OpenTafl is, as its name suggests, an open project. The source code is available via Git at Github. Please report any bugs at Github using the issue tracker. Follow the development at the Soapbox.

OpenTafl powers the OpenTaflBot player at, a place where you can, as the name suggests, play tafl online. There is also typically an OpenTafl multiplayer server running at

OpenTafl is licensed under The Free-As-In-Beer License, Stout Edition.

  1. Following a server failure, the available version history will start over with v0.4.6.4b. 
  2. OpenTafl v0.4.6.3b fixes a bug in the shieldwall capture rules where the king could be captured by shieldwall. Older clients will see an incorrect game state in this situation, but are otherwise fully compatible.